The Furniture                         
Most of our furniture is crafted by local Amish Craftsmen. The result is a beautiful blend of the Amish culture, combined with more contemporary and traditional designs. Due to weather patterns and nature, no two trees are alike; texture, color and density of grain vary within a single tree. This causes the acceptance of stains and sealers to vary also; this we call "Nature's Mystery" in Solid Hardwood. Knots and swirls will appear in the grain. These naturally occurring patterns are not to be construed as defects, but rather perceived as; "The Personalized Touch of Elegance and Beauty of Nature's Mystery in Solid Hardwoods."
Although we make every effort to bring you the very best in style and quality, there will be instances where "Nature's Mystery" will decide the character of your "Uniquely Personalized Piece of Furniture."
So, due to the nature of the wood, stain colors are not guaranteed to be the same as the samples. Solid wood furniture naturally responds to changes in temperature and humidity by expansion and contraction. These natural responses are not defects, and do not necessarily affect the strength of the furniture.

All our furniture is protected by numerous layers of a hardened "Catalyzed Conversion Varnish" which is heat and water resistant, but not necessarily heatproof. Please allow the finish to cure for twenty one days prior to heavy use. During this time, do not set warm items on the furniture, and prevent prolonged exposure to water.
By following these guidelines you may rest assured; the furniture you purchase today will be here for tomorrow's generation.
Every effort should be made to keep your solid wood furniture away from direct heat sources such as hot air outlets, wood stoves and radiators. Never place on top of or in front of baseboard heaters.

Keep the humidity in your home between fifty to sixty percent, with moderate temperatures.

Cleaning your solid wood furniture is easy, simply dampen a soft cloth with water to collect the dust and dirt; wipe & dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use "Pledge" or any silicone polishes, as it may build up on the wood finish if used over an extended period of use. For fine scratches we suggest "Old English Furniture Polish."

Wait Times                         
Two to four months is an estimate of how long it may take us to make your order. Please do not hold us to it. No matter how soon it is ready (even if it's ready tomorrow) we will call you as soon as possible to let you know it's ready; we are very busy and can easily get behind. Your patience is appreciated.

We request a minimum of 20% deposit on standard orders, and 50% on custom orders.

Return Policies                         
All returns must be as good as new and accompanied by a receipt within 30 days of purchase. For orders of standard items cancelled in full or in part after furniture is in production, each item will be assessed a 30% restocking fee. A 70% restocking fee will be assessed on custom pieces.

Most items arrive pre-assembled. In certain cases a 1/2 inch wrench or socket is required to assemble items such as Amish table pedestals, feet, and/or legs. Items such as Amish hutches, and mirrors for Amish dressers may need to be attached with a Phillips screwdriver.

PURCHASE ORDER TERMS & CONDITIONS                         

Jake's Amish Furniture INC Provides these Terms & Conditions upon receiving deposit (down payment) the Buyer does agree that Buyer has read and agrees to the terms set forth herein as follow.

General Warranty: The goods furnished under this Purchase Order shall (a) be produced according to the exact dimensions and specifications provided by Buyer, (b) be fit for the purpose intended, (c) be of Good Amish Quality Material and Workmanship, (d) be manufactured in compliance with all Applicable Law, (e) and be free and clear of any and all security interests, liens or other encumbrances, and Seller has merchantable title thereto. Should Seller fail to deliver goods according to these warranties; Seller shall repair or make new, and remove the unfit product at Seller's expense.

To place an order; a down payment is required to start the production process. Twenty percent on all standard pieces. Fifty percent on all custom pieces.

Upon completion of a Purchase Order; Jake's Amish Furniture shall notify the Buyer of the order's completion so as to schedule final Payment and the Pickup or Delivery of the goods ordered.

Buyer shall make final payment within two weeks from the notice of completion of Purchase Order. Further more Buyer must schedule to receive goods as soon as possible. Should Buyer fail to receive goods within thirty days of notice, Jake's Amish Furniture will charge a fifty dollar storage fee; per item stored for Buyer; every thirty days thereafter, to be paid monthly by Buyer.

COD s are not acceptable when furniture is being shipped by a common carrier of any kind.

Cancellation: If Buyer cancels any order in full or in part after furniture is in production, each item will be assessed a thirty percent restocking fee, Custom items will be subjected to a seventy percent restocking fee.

Jake's Amish Furniture INC reserves the right to cancel any order, in full or in part, for any reason, by returning the allocated deposit to Buyer, with written notice of such actions within 7 days;
freeing Seller from any and all obligations.

These Terms and Conditions are a legal binding contract between SELLER (JAKE'S AMISH FURNITURE INC) and Buyer, and supersedes all other verbal or written agreements.

Jake's Personalized Ps 91 Restored KJV                         
1. We choose to live in the secret place of The Most High; we will stay in the shadow of The Almighty!
2. We will say of YahWeh, He is our refuge and our fortress: our Creator; in Him will we trust.
3. Surely He will deliver us from the trap of the killer, and from the noisy, fatal disease.
4. He will cover me with His feathers, and under His wings will I trust: His Word is my full body guard and also a hand held shield.
5. I must not be afraid for the terror of night; or for the bullets that fly during the day;
6. No, not for the fatal epidemic disease that stalks us in the dark, not even of the destruction that tries to waste us at noon.
7. A thousand may fall at my side & ten thousand at my right hand, but it will not come near me!
8. Only with my eyes will I witness & see the reward of the wicked.
9. Because I have made YahWeh, which is my refuge, even The Most High my resort of security!
10. No evil will come upon me, neither can any plague come near my home.
11. Because He has given His angles a charge to protect all my travels,
12. they will bear me up in their hands to keep me from the slightest injury.
13. I will walk on top of an old lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon; I will trample on.
14. Because I have set my love on Him, He will deliver me and set me up high, because I know His name: YahWeh!
15. We will call upon Him and He will answer us: He will be with us in trouble, He will deliver us and honor our request.
16. With long life will He satisfy us, and show us His salvation.
May His Blessings Rain on you as you share His Word!

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