In order to ensure that the payment posts to your account properly, you must include a Receipt # and Your Name as it appears on your receipt.

Personal Check                         
Send us a Personal Check Made Payable to "Jake's Amish Furniture" via Snail mail 1255 Kidron Rd. Orrville, OH 44667

Credit or Debit Card                         
Payment by Credit Card will incur a 3% "Checkout Fee." Credit card companies charge a processing fee of roughly 3% of each payment processed. Jake's Amish Furniture passes these fees of 3% on to our customers as a "Checkout Fee" to cover this processing cost.

To use your Visa, Master Card, or Discover cards Please call 330-857-4756 during our store hours with your Card Number, it's Expiration Date & the 3 digit code on the back in the signature panel; we will run it as a Phone Order. Sunday 2-5; Mon 9-5; Tue 9-6; Wed-Fri 8-5. Otherwise by Appointment. We are closed Saturday.

PURCHASE ORDER TERMS & CONDITIONS                         
Jake's Amish Furniture INC Provides these Terms & Conditions upon receiving deposit (down payment) the Buyer does agree that Buyer has read and agrees to the terms set forth herein as follow.

General Warranty: The goods furnished under this Purchase Order shall (a) be produced according to the exact dimensions and specifications provided by Buyer, (b) be fit for the purpose intended, (c) be of Good Amish Quality Material and Workmanship, (d) be manufactured in compliance with all Applicable Law, (e) and be free and clear of any and all security interests, liens or other encumbrances, and Seller has merchantable title thereto. Should Seller fail to deliver goods according to these warranties; Seller shall repair or make new, and remove the unfit product at Seller's expense.

To place an order; a down payment is required to start the production process. Twenty percent on all standard pieces. Fifty percent on all custom pieces.

Upon completion of a Purchase Order; Jake's Amish Furniture shall notify the Buyer of the order's completion so as to accept final Payment, and schedule the Delivery or Pickup of the goods ordered.

Buyer shall make final payment and schedule to receive goods as soon as possible. Should Buyer fail to make said arrangements within two weeks of notice, Jake's Amish Furniture will charge a fifty dollar storage fee; per item stored for Buyer; every thirty days thereafter, to be paid monthly by Buyer.

COD s are not acceptable when furniture is being shipped by a common carrier of any kind.

Cancellation: If Buyer cancels any order in full or in part after furniture is in production, each item will be assessed a thirty percent restocking fee, Custom items will be subjected to a seventy percent restocking fee.

Jake's Amish Furniture reserves the right to cancel any order, in full or in part, for any reason, by returning the allocated deposit to Buyer, with written notice of such actions within 7 days;
freeing Seller from any and all obligations.

These Terms and Conditions are a legal binding contract between SELLER (JAKE'S AMISH FURNITURE INC) and Buyer, and supersedes all other verbal or written agreements.
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