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Welcome to Jake’s Amish Furniture Inc, previously known as "Kratzer Furniture", Established at this location in 1999.

Before 1999 Erich & Lauri Kratzer had a much smaller furniture show room around the corner on Arnold Rd. attached to their panel shop, where they glued up solid wood panels for the local Amish shops to create furniture with.

But when his neighbors the Lehmans decided to sell their adjoining farm field which also bordered Kidron Rd. he decided to move his Furniture Store out on the main road.

Warren Lautzenheiser from Kidron had found an old Bank Barn just north of "The Strip Shopping Center" north of Canton, destined to be demolished. The Kratzers decided to have that Old Barn disassembled & reconstructed on the Old Lehman Farm out along Kidron Road which is where Jake's Amish Furniture resides today

"Erich Kratzer, 73, of Dalton, went home to be with the Lord after an eight-year journey with Alzheimer’s disease. He passed away at home on Feb. 23, 2018, with his family by his side.

Erich was born June 15, 1944, to the late George and Sally (Hershberger) Kratzer. He married Lauri (Amstutz) Kratzer on April 24, 1970. He lived his whole life in the Kidron/Dalton area and was an active member at Kidron Mennonite Church.

He worked at Schantz Organ Company for nine years. He then started his own business in woodworking as "Kratzer Cabinet" and eventually opened Kratzer Furniture, a retail store with Amish Crafted Furniture. He enjoyed working with the Amish community and running his businesses alongside his wife Lauri for 35 years."

Jake on the other hand was first trained to sell Amish & Mennonite Solid Hardwood Furniture in 1999 at "The Nut Tree", less than 2 miles south of our current location. Jake owes most of what he knows today about the construction of solid hardwood furniture in gratitude to Ray Nussbaum the Founder & Owner of "The Nut Tree". The Nussbaums sold out a number of years ago leaving the old "Nut Tree" facilities to it's current occupants; "The Pine Cone Gift Shop" & "Round Grove".

When the first tremor of the recession hit in Nov. of 2000, Ray had to lay off Jake; who then found employment as an Amish Furniture Salesman at "Dutch Heritage Woodcraft" on the Amish Farm just east of Berlin OH along State Route 39.
The owners at the time were (the late Beloved Johnny Schrock) & John Wengerd, who also owned "Schrock's Heritage Furniture" in downtown Berlin, where Jake spent a few days selling as well. About half of Jake's employment by the Schrock family was spent manning the "Leather Shop" on "The Amish Farm" until March of 2002 when it closed.

In April of 2002 Erich & Lauri Kratzer owners of "Kratzer Furniture" were looking for another salesmen. Being ungainfully employed at the time Jake responded to their "Help Wanted" ad, needless to say he was hired & sold their Amish Crafted Furniture until they retired in the fall of 2011.

Jake & Michaele are very grateful for all the patience, financial assistance & training; Erich & Lauri Kratzer provided in helping them take on their family business. The Kratzer's poured over 20 years of their lives into this business; we do not take it for granted, but praise the Almighty from whom all blessings flow continuously!

Located in the Northern gateway to the world's Largest Amish Community, Jake's Amish Furniture (as was Katzer Furniture) is known for the best prices. As Erich always said "Price will always sell!" As our Master Yahshua taught us "Do unto others; as you would have them do unto you!"

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2023 New Business Hours Are:

Son'sday 3PM to 5PM
Monday 9AM to 5PM
Tuesday 9AM to 6PM
Wednesday 9AM to 5PM
Thursday 9AM to 5PM
Friday 9AM to 5PM
Sabbath Closed

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