Large A Frame Roof & 5' Adirondack Swing with Fold Down Center

Our Large A Frame is constructed of Laminated 4" x 4" Legs & 4" x 6" Top Beam to keep them from warping, rated to hold 2,000 pounds. The Roof is 88.25" x 47.5" x Approx 80"H and is Constructed of 3 & 5/16" Wide x 5/16" Thick Poly Boards on a 2" x 4" Frame. Our 5' Adirondack Swing comes with a Fold Down Center Settee. Everything is cut out of CA Treated Pine (except the roof slats which are of poly material) and has been Baptized in a Cedar colored Stain for longevity & beautiful life in the sun. For an additional fee, a set of American Made Swing Springs makes for a very smooth and comfortable swinging experience!

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