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Located at 1255 Kidron Rd. Orrville, OH 44667

Toll Free: (888)-807-9060

Due to hyperinflation, we must pass along to you our customers any surcharges for materials received, yes even after your order is placed.

Jake’s Amish Furniture offers a large selection of Locally Amish Crafted Furniture & Gift Ware.

"Featured In Redfin Article"

Read the full article here: www.redfin.com/blog/matte-and-natural-design-finishes-and-hardware-tips

Jake’s Amish Furniture, previously known as Kratzer Furniture, is nestled in the gently rolling hills of Wayne County Ohio; Near Orrville (just 2½ miles southeast of “Simply Smucker’s Outlet Store” & 3 miles north of “Lehman’s Hardware”) on Kidron Rd. Jake Miller has been serving customers from around the world from this location since 2002. Jake’s Amish Furniture store is located 3 miles north of Kidron, Ohio, & just 1 mile south of US 30.

Jake’s Locally Amish & Mennonite Handcrafted Furniture & Gift Ware can be found in homes throughout Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Even as far as California, Hawaii, Germany, England, Israel, & Australia, Just to name a few.

Most of our furniture is crafted by local Amish Craftsmen. the result is a beautiful blend of the Amish culture, combined with more contemporary and traditional designs. Due to weather patterns and nature, no two trees are alike; texture, color and density of grain vary within a single tree. This causes the acceptance of stains and sealers to vary also; this we call "Nature's Mystery" in Solid Hardwood. Knots and swirls will appear in the grain. These naturally occurring patterns are not to be construed as defects, but rather perceived as; "The Personalized Touch of Elegance and Beauty of Nature's Mystery in Solid Hardwoods."
Although we make every effort to bring you the very best in style and quality, there will be instances where "Nature's Mystery" will decide the character of your "Uniquely Personalized Piece of Furniture."
So, due to the nature of the wood, stain colors are not guaranteed to be the same as the samples. Solid wood furniture naturally responds to changes in temperature and humidity by expansion and contraction. These natural responses are not defects, and do not necessarily affect the strength of the furniture.

All our furniture is protected by numerous layers of a hardened "Catalyzed Conversion Varnish" which is heat and water resistant, but not necessarily heatproof. Please allow the finish to cure for twenty one days prior to heavy use. During this time, do not set warm items on the furniture, and prevent prolonged exposure to water.
By following these guidelines you may rest assured; the furniture you purchase today will be here for tomorrow's generation.
Every effort should be made to keep your solid wood furniture away from direct heat sources such as hot air outlets, wood stoves and radiators. Never place on top of or in front of baseboard heaters.

Keep the humidity in your home between fifty to sixty percent, with moderate temperatures.

Cleaning your solid wood furniture is easy, simply dampen a soft cloth with water to collect the dust and dirt; wipe & dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use "Pledge" or any silicone polishes, as it may damage the wood finish if used over an extended period of use. For fine scratches we suggest "Old English Furniture Polish."

Wait Times
Three to five months is only an estimate of how long it may take us to make your order. Please do not hold us to it as projected wait times have often been prolonged. No matter how soon it is ready (even if it's ready tomorrow) we will call you as soon as possible to let you know it's ready; we are very busy and can easily get behind. Your patience is appreciated.

We request a minimum of 20% deposit on standard orders, and 50% on custom orders. Because of current hyper-inflation, we must pass along to you our customers any surcharges for materials receive, yes even after your order is placed.

Return Policies
All returns must be as good as new and accompanied by a receipt within 30 days of purchase. For orders of standard items cancelled in full or in part after furniture is in production, each item will be assessed a 30% restocking fee. A 70% restocking fee will be assessed on custom pieces.

Most items arrive pre-assembled. In certain cases a 1/2 inch wrench or socket is required to assemble items such as Amish table pedestals, feet, and/or legs. Items such as Amish hutches, and mirrors for Amish dressers may need to be attached with a Phillips or Square screwdriver.

We offer Amish Handmade, heirloom quality, Solid Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Elm, Maple, Quarter Sawn White Oak, & Walnut, Furniture. Our home furnishings are hand built by the Amish and are designed to last for generations. Our custom Amish handcrafted furniture is offered in many different styles to choose from; Amish Shaker Furniture, Amish Mission Furniture, Amish Heritage Furniture, Amish Carlisle Shaker Furniture, Amish Sleigh Furniture, Amish Prairie Mission Furniture, Amish Queen Anne Furniture, Amish Victorian Furniture, and very Modern & Contemporary Amish Furniture styles as well. Amish Furniture in our store or here on our website can be custom tailored to meet your needs.

We also offer a few Amish Wrought Iron pieces of furniture. You may visit us in our Orrville / Kidron, Ohio store to see a full line of handmade Amish furniture. If you find a piece that you like, you may take it home today.

Jake's Amish Crafted Furniture is conveniently located in the gateway to the world's largest Amish Community. Jake’s Amish Furniture offers visitors a unique opportunity to see many different pieces of handcrafted Amish furniture in a very relaxed atmosphere. Come and enjoy Kidron, Ohio, the gateway to the Holmes County Ohio Amish Country.

Amish Furniture can be custom built ... then stained or painted according to the needs of our customers. Here on our site you will find a full line of Amish furniture (most of which can be ordered unfinished; naked) that can be tailored for you and your home or office including Amish living room furniture, bedroom furniture, entertainment centers, game room & dining room furniture, along with a number of other Amish crafted items. Each piece of Amish furniture is designed for the customer’s needs, and then stained (or painted) in one of our finishing shops. This gives our customers the opportunity to purchase custom Amish made furniture specifically crafted for your home; finished or unfinished furniture.

Jake's Amish Furniture also offers a variety of Outdoor Amish Crafted Furniture: porch swings, gliders, picnic tables, gym sets and rocking chairs. Also a variety of other non furniture items: framed pictures, home accessories, food grade wooden spoons, and Amish made Baskets.

Baked Goods                         
Baked goods may be ordered, such as pies, fry pies, cakes, cookies & bread, before her marriage to Jake Michaele owned & operated a bakery near Jefferson City
Mo. Jake says her pie crust is THE BEST!

No matter what the style, be it Shaker Furniture, Mission Furniture, Heritage Furniture, Carlisle Shaker Furniture, Sleigh Furniture, Prairie Mission Furniture, every order at Jake’s Amish Furniture is special because each person and piece is unique.

Our Furniture is offered in 30+ different stain colors ranging from Espresso to Natural. Staining can be customized to match your existing pieces. The option of buying unfinished furniture is also available. Let us know if you would like your furniture unfinished. The Amish are known for quality oak furniture. The Amish craft furniture of oak because it is very durable when kiln-dried.

Here are some standard features of Jake’s Amish Crafted Furniture.
• Amish Drawers: the boxes are made of solid wood with dovetail corners.
• Most backs of our Amish Crafted case goods are constructed of 1/4 inch plywood that is embedded in the back so it is flush, for structural strength, but not necessarily sightly. If you want to set your piece of furniture out in the middle of a room or somewhere, where the back will be visible, you need to ask for it to be made sightly otherwise the backs can not be expected to look good.
• Amish Furniture builders use plywood as needed to prevent splitting, warping and cracking.
• The raised panels of sides and doors are constructed of five solid wood pieces; this is not merely for decoration, but grants relief for expansion and contraction of the natural solid hardwood.
• Dining tables come standard with 1" thick solid wood tops; No particle board or veneers!
• The legs of our chairs are held together with glue and screws, and / or mortise & tenon construction.
• See our wide selection of Hardware & Stain options below.

Help Needed!                         
Do you like people? Want to get inside before the weather gets nasty outside? Come find your place on our sales team and find yourself inside a Beautiful, clean showroom, for the nasty weather season outside. Come spring you could find yourself relaxing in the sun in our outdoor patio displays; all while making a healthy living!

PURCHASE ORDER TERMS & CONDITIONS                         
Because of current hyper-inflation, we must pass along to you our customers any surcharges for materials we receive, yes even after your order is placed.

Jake's Amish Furniture INC Provides these Terms & Conditions upon receiving deposit (down payment) the Buyer does agree that Buyer has read and agrees to the terms set forth herein as follow.

General Warranty: The goods furnished under this Purchase Order shall (a) be produced according to the exact dimensions and specifications provided by Buyer, (b) be fit for the purpose intended, (c) be of Good Amish Quality Material and Workmanship, (d) be manufactured in compliance with all Applicable Law, (e) and be free and clear of any and all security interests, liens or other encumbrances, and Seller has merchantable title thereto. Should Seller fail to deliver goods according to these warranties; Seller shall repair or make new, and remove the unfit product at Seller's expense.

To place an order; a down payment is required to start the production process. Twenty percent on all standard pieces. Fifty percent on all custom pieces.

Upon completion of a Purchase Order; Jake's Amish Furniture shall notify the Buyer of the order's completion so as to accept final Payment, and schedule the Delivery or Pickup of the goods ordered.

Buyer shall make final payment and schedule to receive goods as soon as possible. Should Buyer fail to make said arrangements within two weeks of notice, Jake's Amish Furniture INC will charge a fifty dollar storage fee; per item stored for Buyer; every thirty days thereafter, to be paid monthly by Buyer.

COD s are not acceptable when furniture is being shipped by a common carrier of any kind.

Cancellation: If Buyer cancels any order in full or in part after furniture is in production, each item will be assessed a thirty percent restocking fee, Custom items will be subjected to a seventy percent restocking fee.

Jake's Amish Furniture INC reserves the right to cancel any order, in full or in part, for any reason, by returning the allocated deposit to Buyer, with written notice of such actions within 7 days; freeing Seller from any and all obligations.

These Terms and Conditions are a legal binding contract between SELLER (JAKE'S AMISH FURNITURE INC) and Buyer, and supersedes all other verbal or written agreements.

Contrary to the narrative that pervaded the media the evening of Jan. 6, 2021, what attorney Michael Hamilton experienced before he left the rally at the U.S. Capitol Building was a day of “peace and prayer.”

Hamilton, who also attended seminary many years ago, held a worship service on the front lawn of the Capitol building.

“People were singing hymns and with their hands held in the air praising God,” Hamilton told The Epoch Times.

Everywhere he went, he said, there were “deep-hearted patriots.”

Then, three 15-passenger white vans arrived flanked by squad cars that Hamilton said he later confirmed to belong to Antifa, a far-left extremist group.

What Hamilton began to observe was a different, aggressive energy flooding into the crowd shortly thereafter.

All morning people were just walking, but this later infusion was racing and frenzied, he said, and trying to work others into a frenzy.

“These new protesters were dressed like Trump supporters, but they were not Trump supporters,” Hamilton said. “They could disguise their appearance, but not their spirits. They were angry. It was time to leave.”

What happened later that day has fueled conflicting narratives and pitted American citizens against the federal government in what has been deemed a partisan weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The prevailing media narrative paints the supporters of former President Donald Trump who were at the Capitol as domestic terrorists, while those who were actually present, like Hamilton, say that what the media and the left have declared took place isn’t the real story.

For Brad Geyer, an attorney who represents several J6 defendants who’ve been accused of conspiring against the government, the real story is much more alarming.

“It’s basically like this: all hands on deck. Everybody grab a fire bucket and just start dousing the flames,” Geyer said. “The Bill of Rights is on fire.”

The ‘Stop the Steal’ rally on Jan. 6, 2021. (Courtesy of Michael Hamilton)
FBI, DOJ Need ‘Complete Overhaul’
The list of constitutional amendments protecting the rights of citizens has lost its meaning to the federal government agencies like the DOJ, Geyer said, prompting both Geyer and Hamilton to “step into the breach.”

Geyer, who worked in several divisions of the DOJ for 21 years, said the law enforcement tactics used against foreign combatants are now being used against American citizens.

It’s the story no one is telling, Geyer said.

The FBI is executing unconstitutional search warrants on people with misdemeanors and keeping them in jail without the right to a speedy trial based on the contrived use of laws applied to circumstances that are either taken out of context or simply didn’t happen.

“The search warrants are out of control,” Geyer said. “There will be 20 to 30 agents conducting the search. Suspects—husbands and wives—have reported opening their front door and being covered in red dots.”

Exaggerating the reality, federal prosecutors take hyperbolic statements made in texts or on social media posts such as “We have to fight” and twist them into an exhortation to engage in terrorism, he said.

“There are endless examples,” Geyer said. “They did this across the board.”

For the law enforcement agencies appointed to protect the American citizen, the Fourth Amendment no longer applies to them.

“I think we’re run by gangsters,” Geyer said. “The FBI and the DOJ need a complete overhaul.”

Brad Geyer, 2022. (Courtesy of Carolyn Blakeman with Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation)
‘A Spiritual War’
Both Hamilton and Geyer have represented defendants in cases not only in the J6 community but also an equally and possibly not unconnected violation of human rights: the COVID policies that forced vaccine mandates and fatal medical treatments that ignored early treatment protocols.

With the arrival of the mask mandates in 2020, Hamilton said he felt called to withdraw from private practice and meet on the frontline what he saw as the beginning of a “Marxist siege.”

Both Geyer and Hamilton have helped start grassroots medical freedom organizations—the Former Feds Group and Declare Truth, respectively—that support those who have had to face termination from their jobs due to the COVID vaccine mandate, those who have suffered from hospital COVID treatment protocols such as the use of remdesivir, and those who have been targeted for gender reassignment surgeries.

Though separate focal points, Hamilton said they’re all weaved together into a cohesive, malignant scheme.

“The masking, gaslighting, the isolating; telling people it’s not OK to say what you want to say, think what you want to think, or post what you want to post—these are all the essences of American freedoms, and they are being attacked,” Hamilton said. “From where I stand, there’s a spiritual war going on between good and evil, and people today are having to choose which side to stand on. Those who are doing the dirty work of the enemy are getting free passes right now. Those who are standing up for truth and the Constitution are getting butchered and sacrificed at the altar of this weaponization.”

As key public officials and their family members go unprosecuted for allegedly treasonous acts, Geyer pointed out that J6 defendants with only misdemeanor charges continue to sit in jail.

The DOJ has taken license with the Constitution to the extent that sorting through its duplicity has become “a jumbled mess,” Geyer said.

“It’s terrifying to be an American right now,” Geyer said, adding that the country may already be lost.

Epoch Times Photo
Michael Hamilton, 2022. (Courtesy of Kelley Collins)
A Decades-Old Plot
Both Geyer and Hamilton agreed: the building blocks for the foundation of the Marxist plot began to be laid decades ago, with one of its goals being to target children through the education system.

“John Dewey, who created the Dewey Decimal System and is considered—or called, at least, in a lot of circles—to be the father of modern education, said 50 years ago that we need to dumb down the reading requirements for high school because readers are thinkers and thinkers are an anathema to a collectivist society,” Hamilton said.

To counter this move, Hamilton said a ground-up approach would be to defund the Department of Education and homeschool children.

“We need more homeschooling co-ops where they are being taught real values and not gaslighted and brainwashed,” Hamilton said.

Though the country could be lost, Geyer said, he’s holding onto some hope that it can still be saved.

“There’s not a clear path here,” Geyer said. “There’s too many systems and funding mechanisms. Everything has been rewired.”

The question for Geyer is, can enough people be deprogrammed to stave off those who have been brainwashed to the point of no return?

‘Live Not by Lies’
For Hamilton, no matter what happens, the solution is to persist in speaking the truth, especially in those places that were noticeably shut down in a time when the truth had been hijacked, he said.

He pointed to a paper written by Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called “Live Not by Lies,” (pdf) in which Solzhenitsyn warned against citizens abandoning the truth in exchange for “today’s modest ration of food.”

“He said if you don’t give a lie a home, it dies out,” Hamilton said. “He calls everyone to simply speak the truth where they stand when confronted with a lie and say, ‘No, that’s not true. Let me tell you what’s real.’ If everyone does this instead of cowering and hiding, the lies die out, the evil loses its power, and the truth begins to prosper.”

The Epoch Times contacted the DOJ for comment.

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