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Author Harold Garrett

“One Thankful American” I love America and I love our people too. I love Old Glory; the red, the white and blue. I love the ones who gave their lives so that we could all live free. I love America and our Liberty. I love the way our justice works in a court of law. For we all have twelve men and women to over see it all. I love the freedom of the church and especially the freedom of speech. For whenever I'm in need of anything, nothing is out of reach. I love the way we pull together, no matter what the cost. For when it comes to our Freedom, we show them all who's boss. We celebrate our heroes with memorials; we hold our head so high, while playing the National Taps for all who had to die. Yes, we are one Blessed Nation, if we earn the right to be, We should always pull together to keep America free. Yes I'm patriotic, as everyone can see, Because I love America and All who died for me. By: Harold Garret October 2003

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